15 Fruits and Vegetables a Day – NO WAY

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Researchers announced in 2012 that eating 15 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits could reduce the signs and symptoms of mental health diagnosis such as depression and bi-polar disorder. Of course, the big question is who is going to eat that many vegetables and fruits EVERY DAY? I even miss the mark once in a while. In fact, the vast majority of Americans eat less than 3 combined servings of vegetables and fruits per day.

Sadly, the vast majority of American’s also spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on nutritional supplements that seem to help for a short time only to lose efficacy after a few weeks or months. Thankfully there are simple steps we can take to spend less of our hard earned money on supplements while increasing the number of fresh vegetables and fruits we eat.

My favorite 3 tips are:

Fill your plate 1/2 full using vegetables and fruits at each meal. An easy way to work up to this is to ensure that each meal has at least 1 vegetable or fruit. When you can easily finish the 1 serving add another.

Make your own kale chips and eat them any time you like. Kale chips are expensive when you buy them at the store but if you have an oven and a few baking sheets you can make your own for pennies! My LEANStartOnline.com and PrimeTimeHealthOnline.com programs both include lots of kale chip recipes that have been family tested and approved.

Eat your vegetables and fruits first. Not only will this help you eat more of the good stuff but the enzymes from the vegetables and fruits can help your better digest the meats, cheeses and grains from the rest of your meal.

Eating more fruits and vegetables takes time and planning but is absolutely worth it. Take a minute to read this article that offers scientifically proven ideas to help you fill the hole in your diet through whole food based nutrition.

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