Sunday Quinoa Salad

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This recipe is the perfect way to jump start any week. Serve all by itself for a nutritionally complete meal with no fuss clean up or pair with grilled tilapia or roasted salmon and sweet potato rounds for a Super Sunday dinner.

Rich in nutrients and super easy to make you will enjoy it all week.


Sweet or Salty Lemon Zest

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Visiting my great grandmother was always so much fun. It seemed like each visit was filled with laughter, food, a sprinkling of lending a helping hand and a healthy dose of waste not want not. She is how I learned to use every bit of a lemon – even if my recipe only called for juice. She would loving grate the peel by hand singing or humming a joyful tune. My Sweet or Salty Lemon Zest is my modern interpretation of her recipe, which she got from her mother.