Free Pantry Makeover

One of the services I offer as a Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Certified Health Coach is the Pantry Makeover.

What’s a Pantry Makeover you ask?

Well it is the icing on the cake when it comes to eating healthier. Of course, it can also be the cake beneath the frosting if you are just starting your travels to healthier eating.

During the makeover, you’ll receive an introduction to Traffic Light Eating – Dr. Sears’ method for teaching children about green ‘go’ foods, yellow ‘slow-down’ foods, and red ‘stop-and-think’ foods. We will discuss the best label reading techniques, and how to spot the items you will want to avoid as you implement healthier eating in your home. From there we will take a look inside your pantry and refripantry-makeover-300gerator and you will label foods as green, yellow, or red. This will give you and your family a visual reminder of which foods to eat more or less of. Finally, we will discuss shopping lists, and you will use the L.E.A.N. shopping list (which I will leave with you) as a guide for your future trips to the grocery store.

This is not a food-pitching session! We will not be throwing out all those red light foods. Instead, we’ll develop a plan to replace them with equally yummy green or yellow light foods in the future. Most families need to take these changes one step at a time. You don’t want to start a revolution with the sudden changes, you want to gently encourage your family to make changes that will benefit their health so that everyone in the home can look better and feel better!tablewoman

Normally I charge $90 for this 1 to 2 hour in home private consultation. However, I am re-developing my Virtual Pantry Makeover program and need videos of at least 3 different pantries. Yes – you, your pantry, kitchen etc will co-star in the video for my new program.

If you live in and around the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area* and would like your family & pantry to be featured in my Virtual Pantry Makeover program enter your email address below to receive more information. If the form doesn’t show up in your browser you can use this link instead.

You will need to be sure and click the link in the confirmation email that will be automatically sent to – otherwise I will never see your information.

*If you live outside the area but really, really want to participate you can enter your email too. Maybe we can figure something out. I love to travel.

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