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Health Without Hype – Cookbook

UPDATE 2/16/2016

I had a few changes to the needs of my family which delayed the photoshoot for the book. I sadly must postpone the book release until I can workout the photography issues.  

Transition to Health Without Hype Cookbook

Guilt Free “Cheat Foods” You Can Eat Every Day

Releases August 3rd 2015

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What if you could eat your vegetables by enjoying all the yummy sweetness of a sugar cookie? The Transition to Health Without Hype Cookbook features 36 of Rebecca’s most requested transitional recipes. These are recipes for things like cookies, cakes and pasta dishes that most of us want to eat (and honestly do eat) but feel guilty about or as if we’ve totally “blown our diet” afterwards.

Health Without Hype Transition Recipes let you enjoy guilt free “cheat foods” every day while supporting a whole food, vegetable rich diet. No crazy ingredients. Just normal stuff you can find at the typical grocery store.

Filled with full color images, practical how to steps & the WHY to, the Transition to Health Without Hype Cookbook teaches you how to create delicious family favorites that are packed with health sustaining nutrition that taste AMAZING.

As a special bonus when you pre-order the Transition to Health Without Hype Cookbook you will also receive your choice of a copy of Health Without Hype Living Guide or 2 month membership to Health Without Hype.

The Health Without Hype Living Guide is packed cover to cover with the exact insights and strategies Rebecca has used personally to overcome genetic, environmental and emotional health blocks. The Health Without Hype Living Guide will empower you to live a healthier lifestyle without increasing feelings of fear, guilt, shame or failure – the very feelings research shows inhibit health.

From the guide:

Let’s be honest, if knowing something were enough to better one’s health the world would have far less sickness, pain and disease. But it’s not. We must take action. Not drastic, radical action. Rather quiet, possibly miniscule action which, when done from a place of contentment empowers the doer with confidence, assurance, satisfaction, dignity and respect. It is in this action we begin to foster a stable, health sustaining relationship with our lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition habits.

The membership gives you 5 hours of live group health coaching with Rebecca. Each coaching session is different and topics vary by month based upon member interest. Plus, as a member you enjoy the Health Without Hype wellness portal where you can track food, exercises and earn free stuff for living Health Without Hype.

From a member:

I thought group health coaching was a joke until I joined Health Without Hype. It is like having a personal trainer, food expert and really smart best friend to keep me on track!

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