Want a Healthier Family?

Even if your family is already pretty healthy I’m guessing you and I have something in common: We want our family to be even healthier. This desire is why we eat healthy meals. It’s why we exercise and look on the bright side of things. It’s the driving force behind choices we make every day.

So, what if there was a choice you could make that wouldn’t take a lot of time or interrupt your current health and wellness strategy? Would you want to know about it?

Now, what if that choice had already helped families all across the globe reduce their trips to the doctors office, miss less work & school and even lower their dependency on over the counter and/or prescription medications?

A prospective cohort study of 150,000 parents has shown that after only 1 year of this simple choice their families are experiencing precisely that:

  • 66% of kids and 51% of adults had fewer trips to the doctor
  • 60% of kids missed less school and 52% of adults missed less work
  • 56% of kids and 42% of adults were able to take fewer OTC and/or prescription medications

Want to know what the simple choice was? Read the full article here. Have a question or comment you want to ask? Use the form below.

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