Welcome to our OOL – A Neurotoxin Free Zone

As a little girl I loved visiting with Aunt Ginny. She always had something fun for us to do. My favorite was swimming in her “OOL”. She had a simple blue and white welcome sign that read: “Welcome to our OOL. Notice there is not P in it. Let’s keep it that way.” She never bogged us down with the “why” she did not want us adding P to her OOL. Although, we certainly knew that we would not so much as dip a toe in if we were to turn her OOL into a POOL.


Fast forward to 7th grade science class (yep, I was one of those kids) when I learned that uric acid and chlorine combine to form a neurotoxin (aka Chemical Weapon) and you understand why a) I am so fond of my Aunt Ginny and b) I’ve never understood those bleach tablets you drop into your toilet tank.

And now, scientists have definitively concluded that the uric acid from swimmers who relieve themselves while in a pool does indeed produce enough neurotoxins to harm themselves – along with their fellow swimmers and lifeguards. Proving what Aunt Ginny had known all along – There is no need for P in the OOL.

Thanks to CBS Sacramento for the original story here.
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