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RM-slider-002aWhy Flat Belly Book Club? Doctors agreeUntil recently, doctors thought that fat was just fat. Didn’t matter where it was stored – belly or cheeks – they honestly thought it was all the same. But now doctors and scientists know that abdominal fat (aka Belly Fat) is a metabolically hyperactive fat, which means it releases health-harming chemicals into your blood stream that cause premature aging and increase your risk of all kinds of health problems. Thankfully, they also discovered you can reduce your risk of disease by reducing the size of your waist.

In fact, every time you reduce the size of your waist you reduce your risk of disease too. If you reduce your waist size by about 10%, your chance of having a heart attack goes down by about 10%.  This means, the flatter your belly the fewer health-harming chemicals that are released by your body.  Which is GREAT news since these health-harming chemicals do the exact opposite of what we want our bodies to do to maintain good health.

  • They raise your blood pressure, blood sugar, and your blood fats
  • They increase your risk of diabetes, heart attack, stroke
  • They increase your risk of colitis, dermatitis, bronchitis, arthritis (especially in your hips and knees)
  • They increase your risk of Alzheimer’s
  • They increase your risk of cancer, especially breast and colon
  • They lead to depression and mood disorders
  • And they can result in poor sexual performance

Why Flat Belly Book Club? Because you deserve better!But let’s be honest, if just knowing Belly Fat was this harmful to your health was enough to fix the problem then 1 out of 3 Americans would not be obese.

We need motivation, support and an effective plan that fits into our already over extended lifestyles.  A plan that works without leaving us in so much pain we have to call off work. Especially if you are already struggling with one or more of the nasty side affects of Belly Fat.

This is why Flat Belly Book Club is your answer to losing the fat and keeping the fat off – for the rest of your life – whether you haven’t ever exercised or you hit the gym 5 days a week.

Flat Belly Book Club combines the power of clinically proven weight management health education with all the accountability & support of going to group fitness class without ever having to leave your home or office.

Scientifically based, clinically proven healthy lifestyle that puts YOU in complete control!

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